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Remember that picture of a striped dress that was going around the internet a few years ago? How could two people be looking at the same dress, yet see two different sets of colors? Now you can show people why that happens with "Colorblind"!


"Colorblind" is a relatable trick with coins that everyone will understand. It's easy to do, no difficult sleights, no angle restrictions, and it happens all in the hands, so you can do it standing or seated.


Picture this: a silver coin, a copper coin, and another silver coin are displayed front and back, then placed into your hand. When you open your hand, each coin has changed to the opposite color! You display them again front and back, but this time there is a copper coin, a silver coin, and another copper coin. You place them into your hand one more time, then when you open again, they have all changed back! And as a kicker ending, all three coins change to Chinese coins!


Required: A Copper/Silver coin gaff



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