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The most versatile "Wild Coin" routine you will do!


In this video you will learn 2 of the most useful sleights in coin magic: The DeManche Change and my own Fantasy Display.


With these 2 sleights there are dozens of applications for other routines and I go into more depth than ever before to break them down for you.


In addition, you will learn 2 versions of this extremely versatile routine: one that is all in the hands and can be done anywhere at any time, and one that is more of a performance piece, done at the table with a full script and well thought out premise.


With these 2 versions of the same routine, you will gain deep insight into how to make any routine have more meaning and how to change the mechanics to fit your environment. The 2 versions are almost completely different behind the scenes and by studying these differences you will see how the same routine can take on a whole new feeling.


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