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Three beautiful routines using only 3 coins, no gimmicks.


Silver Suspension: A modern take on David Roth's classic "Hanging Coins" routine. This version does away with "sky hooks" and instead uses a more intriguing premise of suspending the coins in a beam of light from a spectators cell phone. Also, if you're not a fan of Edge Grip, this routine doesn't use it. Also included is a bonus handling using a common gaff you might already own to create even more visual disappearances and reappearances.


Compression: Three coins compress down to two coins, then down to one coin, then down to a speck too small to see. This is a stunningly visual and auditory illusion, then just as visually, they re-expand into full size coins one by one. In this routine you will also be introduced to my Sly Palm technique.


Saturn's Return: This epic three phase routine starts with a beautiful and surprising production of three coins, followed by a coins across sequence like no other. This coins across happens palm-up and open-handed, yes, you read that correctly. The routine finishes with each coin vanishing just as mysteriously as they appeared. And as a bonus, you will learn a fun and versatile production of three coins using a finger ring I call "The Ring of Saturn".


  • 1hour 21minutes 1.4GB

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