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Two new routines in one Download!


Imagine having multiple routines at your disposal with just one set of coins. This super versatile and minimal setup will have all your needs covered. Plus, you probably already own the coins you will need to perform both of these routines!


Wild Thing is an all-in-the-hands triple transformation of two coins.  Imagine this, you start with nothing, then two silver dollars appear. The silver dollars then transform into two copper coins, and then into two chinese coins! And you can show them front and back! Finally, the coins transform back into silver dollars before vanishing into thin air where they began. This is pure eye candy.


Double Tap is a rapid-fire routine with five phases and audience interaction! A silver coin and a copper coin trade places multiple times, then jump from hand to hand, finally you even give the audience the choice of which coin will penetrate your own hand!


I also go over what other routines you can perform with the same set of coins which opens up so much magic with just a few coins.


You will need a Silver Dollar, a matching Copper/Silver gaff, and two Chinese coins.

Wild Thing & Double Tap

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